2022 promoted and tenured faculty

Dear Colleagues,

Promotion and tenure mark major milestones in the academic lives of Rice faculty. Promoted and tenured faculty have met rigorous standards and have established national and international reputations in their respective fields.

Promoted and tenured faculty in all disciplines play an integral role in advancing Rice’s mission. With these new posts comes expanded opportunities for leadership and impact in and out of the classroom and lab.

Rice faculty continue to engage in outstanding teaching, research and service that make Rice a model in higher education. I sincerely appreciate their tireless efforts and look forward to seeing how they continue to serve Rice and the greater community.

Congratulations to all newly promoted and tenured faculty for their monumental achievements and significant contributions to the ongoing growth and success of academics at Rice.

Promotion to associate professor with tenure
Matthew Brake, Mechanical Engineering
Niki Kasumi Clements, Religion
Gökçe Günel, Anthropology
YingHua He, Economics
Alexandra Kieffer, Shepherd School of Music
Gururaj Naik, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Promotion to full professor with tenure
Graham Bader, Art History
Stephen Bradshaw, Physics and Astronomy
Philip Ernst, Statistics
Christopher Fagundes, Psychological Sciences
Douglas Schuler, Jones Graduate School of Business
Laura Segatori, Bioengineering
Jeffrey Tabor, Bioengineering

Promotion to associate research professor
Carolyn Nichol, Chemistry

Promotion to associate teaching professor
Maryam Emami, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Lesa Tran Lu, Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering
Ian Schimmel, English

Promotion to full teaching professor
Renata Ramos, Bioengineering
Hélade Scutti Santos, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication


Reginald DesRoches, Howard Hughes Provost